Friday, July 10, 2009

Sonneratia caseolaris (Mangrove Apple)


  1. Hi Mahmud,

    Nice and informative blog you have here. Haji gave me one of your earlier blog on the early history of Bintulu. I kept peeping in and noticed you didn't maintain it since 2007. I was wondering where you had disappeared. Now, it is all very clear - you have your main blog here!

    You seem to be very knowledgeable on flowers. Are you a botanist? I also have my own blog It is mostly on my life with the Malaysian Rangers. I kept my poems elsewhere

    Were we together in TLS or were you junior to me? Poor memory I have.

    Robert Madang Langi

  2. Dear Robert Madang,
    Thanks for droppin' by. I'll get back to you about how I knew you in my early days coz I had written that in my diary. Well I'll be in Bintulu next month and will follow up from there.I was from St.Anthony School Btu ( 1958-62) and probably you were to. Oh, I'm not a botanist at all. I picked up landscaping as a business for many years now and because of that my interest in plants grew. Thanks for the links you provide and will check them out soon. Have a nice day, my friend.